Two Options are available if the Interactive Performance is desired:
1. Fly a single performance of appx 15 mins or
2. Fly twice during the Show.  The second flight being the interactive performance.

Interactive Performance Logistics:
Announcer must have capability to communicate with aircraft and crowd at same time.

Interactive Performance Description:
-Two youngsters are chosen from the crowd and brought up on the announcer stand

-The announcer will introduce them to the crowd and myself
as I finish my routine or take off depending on option flown)

-As I perform a series of rolls from one side of the aerobatic container to the other, one
youngster will count the number of rolls on the PA system (
"one, two, three ........")

-Next, I will perform a Slow Roll and the remaining youngster will count on the PA
system how many seconds it takes me to complete the roll (
"1 one thousand, 2 one
thousand, 3 one thousand, ........."

-Each then gets to pick an Aerobatic maneuver that I will perform for them.  
Suzy would like to see a loop."  "Ok Suzy, here comes your loop"

-After I've landed I'll go over and meet those youngsters and the crowd