Aircraft Specs    
8KCAB Super Decathlon
Powerplant---Lycoming AEIO-360-H1B   180 HP
Propeller---Hartzell 2 Blade Constant Speed 74 in dia.
Wing Span---32 ft w/ Wing Area of 169.1 sq. ft.
Length---22.9 ft.
Height---7.7 ft
Seats---2, Tandem
Empty Weight---1340 lbs.
Maximum Gross Weight---1800 lbs.
Fuel Capacity---40 gal
G- Limit--- + 6 / -5
Max Inverted Time---appx 2 min
Take Off Distance---495 ft
Rate of Climb at Sea Level---1280 fpm
Max Level Speed @ S.L.---155 mph
Cruise Speed /Endurance /Fuel Flow @ 5K'
          ---147 mph / 3.4 hrs / 9.5 gph
Service Ceiling---15,800 ft
Landing Distance---425 ft
Best Angle of Climb (Vx)---58 mph
Best Rate of Climb (Vy)---80 mph
Maneuvering Speed (Va)---132 mph
Never Exceed (Vne)---200 mp
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